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Unfortunately, many of us wait until we are in pain before consulting a doctor of chiropractic. However, most people don't wait to have a toothache before seeing the dentist! Prevention is always the best treatment.

When examining a person with chronic spinal problems there is often spinal degeneration and spinal subluxations. Your health will be diminished with subluxations and subluxations will affect how your nervous system functions. And it is the nervous system that controls your whole body.

Thankfully, tens of millions of patients in Canada and the United States have improved their health thanks to chiropractic treatment. As of today you can join this group of people who have a better quality of life and health. You too can live in freedom from pain and suffering.

Take advantage of a consultation for all family members with exam, x-ray (if necessary) and a report on the condition of your health, all for only $140.00 (reimbursable by your extended health care plan).

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