My name is Patricia and I do long distance equestrian competitions.

These could be described as marathons mounted on horseback with distances from 25-160 km. The horse and the rider roam through various fields, woods, hills and trails These events are monitoring by equine veterinarians that assess the condition of the horses before, during and after the race. These are very physically demanding disciplines and especially so for the spine. I have had some injuries but they have been cured via chiropractic.

For over 10 years I have had chiropractic adjustements on a monthly basis to keep my spine flexible, and to keep me painfree and in good health.

A big thanks to Dr. Eric Butz.

Patricia Calleya

I decided to look into chiropractic care for my severe back problems and migraines since all the other treatments I had tried had failed.

After many years of discomfort, painkillers and muscle relaxants, I found the solution to my problems.

Centre Chiropratique St-Lazare suggested treatments following a radiological evaluation and orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic exams.

I can now recommend this therapeutic approach. The results were a complete success for both my conditions. I am currently following a preventive maintenance program.

Magued Wasfy

For years, I had problems with my sinuses. Constant leaking from my nose to my throat was leaving me with a bitter taste in my mouth and was not allowing me to fully taste and enjoy my meals.

After a couple of treatments, the problem steadily declined until it completely disappeared. The chiropractic treatments along with regular exercise have improved my quality of life since I have regained the ability to fully savour the foods I eat.

I give thanks to Dr. Butz for having solved my problem when traditional medicine had failed.

Stéphanie Roy



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